Basic Court Prizren

Hearing Schedule

Time Case Room No Judge Status
09:30 1078/19 3 Atdhe Berisha Scheduled
09:30 1289/19 salla nr. 3 Atdhe Berisha Scheduled
10:00 salla 204 Xheladin Osmani Scheduled
10:00 53/19 203 Ajser Skenderi Scheduled
10:00 214 Agron Hoxhaj Scheduled
10:00 1860/19 221 Gëzim Shehu Scheduled
10:45 1566/19 salla nr. 3 Atdhe Berisha Scheduled
11:00 214 Agron Hoxhaj Scheduled
13:15 214 Agron Hoxhaj Scheduled
15:00 370/18 salla nr. 3 Atdhe Berisha Scheduled

NO Sessions!

NO Sessions!


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